Captain Taylor

Captain Taylor

Since 10 years of age, Capt. Taylor figures that he’s spent almost every day of his life either in or on the water.

That’s because starting young, Taylor was a competition surfer on the USA Junior Surf Team! Including various other contests, Taylor has traveled to Brazil, China, France, and Australia, just to name a few, for competitive surfing. Born and raised in Orange County, California, he’s also done his fair share of fishing, which ranks very high next to surfing as his primary passion. He credits his father and grandfather for introducing and stoking his connection with the ocean.

Taylor completed his undergraduate degree in Business Management from Bond University in Australia in 2014. Shortly after, he returned to the States to work for two years as a deckhand about the Nautilus, a fishing and whale watching boat based out of Newport Harbor. It was here he learned the nuances of finding whales and dolphins in our local waters, and he brings one of the sharpest sets of eyes in the fleet to work every day; often he’s the first to find the whales before anyone else! Taylor has also held on occasion the trusted position of “Boatman” on the Fijian island retreat of Tavarua, guiding resort guests to world class surf breaks on 28′ panga boats in the South Pacific.

So what has kept Taylor on the water instead of follow his higher educational qualifications?

“It’s something I actually love doing! I couldn’t imagine monotonous work behind a desk on the computer. I love being outdoors everyday. Each morning brings a new challenge and something different when you’re whale watching.”