Friday May 13 2016

Well, it’s getting toward the end of Gray Whale season but we’re still able to find them every day! Starting with the 9:00am trip, we went the distance: 11 miles this time put us at Dana Point itself after a call from Capt. Steve on Manate’a that a cow/calf pair was northbound. We arrived right in the middle of a great display, with the animals rolling and spy-hopping in less than 20 feet of water. We capped this sighting off with a really nice close encounter; we waited with our engine off after the animals had been submerged for a while and they passed within 20 feet of our bow! I shouldn’t forget to mention we saw hundreds of playful common dolphins, too! 11:30am departure set out to find these same pair; turns out they were moving really slow so we intercepted them two hours later in front of Aliso Beach in Laguna. Great displays again- spyhops, rolling, and this time with the calf making about a dozen head lunges- we got to see its baleen. These whales were again in really shallow water, about 12 feet deep at one point. We ended the trip with the “usual” for this week: hundreds of common dolphins two miles off Laguna Beach!gray-whale-newport-beach-lunge