Monday May 23 2016

11:30am- More wind today but that didn’t stop us! Capt Ryan pointed straight out towards Catalina, and within 15 minutes we found a small pod of common dolphin that were quite playful. A good start. We kept pushing out to sea, looking for big groups of birds which have been signaling “feed areas” where whales and dolphins have been. Sure enough, a big flock of birds in the distance produced three humpback whales and hundreds of common dolphin. We saw one of the whales jump twice!

3:00pm- Wind out of the south subsided a bit, and the whales moved even closer, so that was nice! Capt Tom on the Manatea “babysat” them for us in between our trips, so we knew right where to look for the 3:00pm. We saw 2 humpbacks on this trip and they were the same ones from earlier. We also got to see a few jumps again, and lots of dolphin! On the way in we saw our sea otter friend again! A nice finish to our day.


humpback-whale-newport-beach sea-otter-orange-county