Monday May 30 2016

9:00am- Our “scouts”from Daveys Locker were the first on the scene this morning, and Capt. Mike on the Nautilus gave us directions to a humpback whale to start! We got some great looks as this whale traveled out to sea and very consistently breathed 6 times, showed its tail, and then dove for 4 minutes. We also found a great pod of dolphin, at least 150.


11:30am- Capt Ryan headed back out to a similar area that was productive on the 9:00am; he finally found some good bird activity which led him to 2 humpback whales, a  minke whale, and 200 common dolphin.

3:00pm- The wind came up and it got quite choppy! Again headed for the same “zone” only to find nothing! We started to head for shore where it was smoother when we saw a few dolphin, then a bunch, then 1,000! This was a very large pod of short-beaked common dolphin, and they were very active. Probably one of the best pods of the year so far. Tons of fun! Here’s a pic: