Saturday May 7 2016

After a bit of overnight rain we were greeted with a  beautiful morning at 9am; puffy cumulus clouds and excellent visibility made Catalina Island look so close. Before we even left the dock, our friend Mike on the Nautilus told us there were THREE cow/calf pairs of gray whales milling at Crystal Cove. A great start to our day. After closely watching 4 of these whales together for an hour, in which we got to see spy hops, rolling, and play with bottlenose, we went out to find some common dolphin. We successfully located a pod of about 50! Next trip, at 3:00pm we also found a pair of gray whales in the same spot- Crystal Cove. However it was nearly certain these were different whales from our morning trip. We continued down to Laguna Beach to find a Humpback Whale a few miles off, of which we got a few great looks. Finally wrapped up our day with a feeding frenzy of dolphin and terns off the Newport Beach/Laguna border. Pleasant weather conditions prevailed throughout the day.