Saturday September 10 2016

9:00am- The weather was pretty nice, overcast but clearing and calm seas. Both boats were running, Capt. Ryan looked above the harbor for a little bit, but soon got a call from the Newport Legacy of some good signs towards Laguna Beach. Taylor was already there, and we had some great sightings of at least 300 common dolphin. With the dolphin were also two humpback whales!  One of them we had seen before but the other was new to us. These were small to medium sized humpbacks that were feeding with the dolphin. It’s been a while since the humpback activity has been this good; since mid-August at least.

11:30am- Our same two humpback whales moved quite a ways down the coast; this time we didn’t find them until 8 miles from the harbor. We also had about 200 common dolphin as well.

3:00pm- The wind came up quite a bit, and the other boats did not see the whales on their previous trips. We headed to look in the same area as before, and Captain Ryan located one of the humpbacks. We did not make any sightings of dolphin despite looking, but were glad to find a whale and have sightings on all three trips today.