Sunday August 6 2017

6:30am- 300 Short Beaked Common Dolphin, 100 Long Beaked Common Dolphin (T, RC)

9:00am- 50 Bottlenose Dolphin, 100 Common Dolphin (T, A, RC)

11:30am- 50 Bottlenose Dolphin, 20 Common Dolphin (T, A, RC)

3:00pm- 400 Common Dolphin (T, A, RC)

5:30pm- 1 Sei Whale, 400 Common Dolphin (R, A)


Featured photo today is of a SEI WHALE which reappeared on our 5:30pm trip after a few days absence. We can tell this is the same whale since July 11th by the shape of its dorsal fin!