Sunday September 18 2016

9:00am- Cancelled because of thick fog!

11:30am- The fog started to break up and we left the harbor optimistic after Captain Larry reported finding two humpback whales. The ocean was super calm, like a lake. We first found a smaller pod of dolphins, about 40 common dolphins, that were a great start and very playful. Then a little further off, a larger pod of over 100 common dolphin, and a humpback whale! This was the same whale that we saw last Sunday and throughout the week. It is a humpback has been tangled in some crab fishing gear; today Captain Ryan flew his drone over the whale and it appears to have shed the ropes and is free!  A very happy moment for a whale that was not doing well.

3:00pm- Captain Taylor went back out, about 6 miles, and this time found two humpback whales and about 200 common dolphin. 

Photo from Captain Ryan’s drone showing the whale free from any line tangles:

free-humpback-newport humpback-engangled-free