Sunday September 25, 2016

9:00am- Another beautiful morning greeted us. Capt. Dustin was first out, and he pointed us towards a whale about 3 miles from shore. At that location we found 3 humpback whales and about 300 common dolphin! It was two hours straight of excellent whale watching. One of the whales, named “Scarlett”, played with some kelp twice.

11:30am- It would be hard to rival our 9:00am trip with the increasing wind and scattering of the feeding frenzy. Still, we found 1 humpback whale and about 250 common dolphin!

3:00pm- The wind really kicked up, and it wasn’t looking so good- until Capt. Mike noticed a breaching humpback about 6 miles from shore. We were close by, and got to see several impressive breaches from this whale. We also saw many flukes as this whale lumbered along. Then, Capt. Ryan noticed another whale jumping, except that it looked different! It was in fact a Minke Whale,  and it jumped over 20 times! It’s very rare to see a minke whale jump, so we were thrilled, and got really close a few times. Capt. Ryan took some amazing photos:

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