Thursday August 25 2016

9:00am- First boat out this morning, Capt. Ryan went to look where we left the action yesterday, a few miles from the harbor in front of the Balboa Pier. We came across a small group of about 30 common dolphin here, with quite a few mom and babies mixed in. Moving out to sea, we went about 5 more miles before finding a really good area of dolphins and shearwaters. There was at least 200 common dolphin here feeding. It looked really good for a whale to be around, but alas, we did not see any!

11:30am- Went back to looking where we left that last big pod on the morning trip. 5.5 miles up the line Capt Ryan located a really tight pod of about 150 common dolphin. These provided a great viewing opportunity as they traveled fast along the surface. Moving on from them, we stumbled upon a Minke Whale a little to the south east. This was pure luck, the minke whale doesn’t have a spout that shows and it was all by itself! Finally on the way in we found 100 more common dolphin feeding.

3:00pm- Returning to the feeding dolphin, we found them, about 150 common dolphin now, and followed them for a mile. After leaving them, just like on last trip, we found a minke whale! Probably the same one, it was large for a minke whale, approaching 30 feet long. Another lucky spot by Capt Ryan as this one was hard to track but we followed it for about 15 minutes.