Wednesday August 24 2016

9:00am- Captain Taylor headed out in some really nice conditions and found an awesome pod of 200 short beaked common dolphin that he stayed with for over an hour!

11:30am- Both boats left for a trip at 11:30am, and we got a call from Capt. John on Newport Legacy with great news! He had found a really nice pod of 50 offshore bottlenose dolphin, including the celebrity dolphin “Patches”! This pod was very interactive and playful. Captain Taylor was on his way to view the bottlenose when he came across 100 common dolphin and a Bryde’s Whale! Our first whale in several days! Capt. Ryan brought his passengers over for a look and also saw a Minke Whale on the way. The Brydes whale is a long, sleek whale that is the fastest in the ocean; we only see them here in the summer when the water is warm. Here’s  a video from our drone of the Bryde’s Whale:


3:00pm- Our 3:00pm trip started off with 100 common dolphin, which were feeding and playful, and we also had some even better looks at the same Brydes Whale from earlier today. It obviously was sticking around feeding on the anchovies.