Wednesday August 31 2016

Just one trip today, at 11:30am, but we had both Zodiacs running. Captain Taylor headed up the coast and Ryan went down, to cover as much ground as possible since the Newport Legacy was on a “skunk” for its first trip of the day. Off Laguna Beach Ryan found a great pod of about 200 common dolphin and called Taylor over. These animals were tightly bunched together and made for some great viewing. Ryan heard on the radio from the Dana Point boats a blue whale was feeding in the area. Thankfully the sea was super calm and it was easy to press on south to see the blue whale, over 13 miles from Newport Harbor. This was our first sighting since late July! Taylor and his passengers also joined us and we got some great sequences in with this 70 long blue whale, including one instance where the whale passed 30 feet off our side!