Mission Statement

Newport Coastal Adventure is a company with purpose. From the start, our mission has been about us sharing the wonder of the ocean with you. In fulfilling that, our interaction with the customer and the environment strives to be intentional and upholding to these standards and goals.


1. To Offer Exploration with Safety

Our model of using smaller boats fosters a greater sense of participation and action, one that we want to balance with customer safety and security. The first thing we want is a smile on your face, and the last thing desired is for a passenger to feel intimidated or unsafe in the ocean. Your passage with us will be exciting, but balanced with responsibility and good judgement exercised by your captain.

2. Inspiring Love and Respect for Oceans and the Animals in It

The best part of our job is to introduce you to the whales, dolphins, and sea lions in their environment, close and personal! We hope that in your time with us we can make you feel connected to the animals as they go about their life in nature. We also don’t wish to exploit them for a show or treat them as disposable producers of income. Our waters are their homes and/or feeding grounds, which we want them to continue to thrive in in the most natural state possible.


3. Treating Customers How We Want to be Treated

The fact is, we’re all customers at some point, whether it be on our own vacations or at a local restaurant. We will keep your perspective at the forefront of our minds, and treat you in accordance with the “Golden Rule”. Your satisfaction with all aspects of interaction with our company is our immediate priority, not profit.

4. Education and Realization

We hope you come away learning new interesting facts from our tour, or connecting dots about the part we play as individuals and as a society with the Ocean. Our goal is to inspire passengers with wonder and empower them with knowledge, producing advocates for protecting the ocean and the wildlife living there.

If you have any feedback on the points above related to your experience with us, please don’t hesitate to send a message to [email protected].


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