Friday July 13th 2018

8am- 1 Blue Whale, 20 Common Dolphin (T)

9:30am- 1 Blue Whale, 100 Common Dolphin (RC, A)

10:30am- 100 Long Beaked Common Dolphin, 100 Short Beaked Common Dolphin (T, C)

12:30pm- 1 Blue Whale, 100 Common Dolphin (A, RC)

1pm- 1 Blue Whale, 200 Short Beaked Common Dolphin, 5 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphin (T, C)

3:30pm- 1 Blue Whale, 15 Common Dolphin (T, C)

Featured photo captured today by Deckhand/Photographer Chelsea Mayer from our boat!  A spectacular sight of a huge blue whale right next to us!