Friday July 5th 2016

9:00am- Off to a good start this morning when Capt. Dustin on the Newport Legacy called us to report a humpback whale about 4 miles from our harbor. It was one of the same humpbacks we saw yesterday! Captain Ryan found it right where it was described, and both of our Zodiacs got some great looks at this gentle giant. It even surprised us and jumped about 100 feet away from the boat! Amazing, check out the picture taken by our 14 year old passenger with an iPhone! We finished up our trip with 200 common dolphin and 1 hammerhead shark. newport-beach-whale-watching

11:30am- On our second trip of the day, we saw another humpback whale, a different animal from the first trip but about the same size: 30 feet long. On one occasion we watched the whale swim directly under our boat! On this trip there were also hundreds of common dolphin scattered every which way. And we saw another hammerhead!