Friday June 3 2016

9:00am- Overcast skies this morning, Capt. Taylor was first boat out today. We found some great action with offshore bottlenose to get started, they are super fun! Capt. Kane gave us a call about a blue whale near by- some awesome looks at this blue whale, only our 3rd this year so far, it showed it’s tail on dives!

11:30am- Calm seas prevailing, this trip we kept looking for blues and found more: Three separate animals off Laguna Beach. Things are getting to a great start for blue whale season off Newport Beach! We also had common dolphins this trip.

3:00pm- Two more blue whales on this one, it seems they found some good krill to eat off our coast. Also a bigger pod of common dolphin numbering in the hundreds. Great day for whale watching in Newport Beach!