Monday May 16 2016

Just one departure today, at 3:00pm. Before leaving we checked in with our friendly competition, the Nautilus, to figure out how the sightings had been today. Capt. Mike had only about “60 dolphin” for two trips! Uh oh! But we headed out undeterred, knowing that somewhere out there we could at least find a big pod and maybe even a whale. Off Laguna Beach Capt Ryan spotted many birds hovering in the distance; they were with a pod of well over 100 common dolphin. After playing with these animals for 20 minutes we kept heading out to sea. More and more dolphin and birds appeared the further out we went. Finally around 6 miles out Capt. Ryan sighted a spout, still 3 miles away! We closed the distance, and found two humpback whales feeding with even more dolphin! Returning to the dock 30 minutes late but with satisfied guests, our 3:00pm trip was a success!