Saturday June 18 2016

9:00am- We had a windy start this morning, one of the windiest 9am trips we can remember. It took us a while to find the animals, but around 1 hour into our trip Captain Taylor located a very active and playful pod of 50 common dolphin. We then headed to Laguna Beach for a coastal tour to escape the wind.

11:30am- Still windy, but Captain Taylor was able to find a humpback whale and about the same number of dolphin for our passengers

3:00pm- Wind subsided, we decided to chase a report from Dana Point about some “minke whales” heading our way. It turned out on closer inspection they were actually Bryde’s whales, which are uncommon for our waters. Quite exciting, here’s a picture Captain Ryan got of the whale’s identifying characteristic, three rostal ridges.best1