Sunday June 19 2016


9:00am-Well, there was no way around it, more wind today. It didn’t stop us! We started off the 9am with a good tip from Captain Mike on the Nautilus; he found a humpback whale that he shared. We got some super close looks at this animal, at one point the whale surfaced just feet from our bow, and we got misted by its breath! Also plenty of dolphins around!


11:30am- Capt Ryan took our passengers out to the same zone, about 4 miles from Newport Beach. This time we got to see two humpback whales and a similar amount of dolphin, at least 100.


3:00pm- The wind was as high as 20 mph but our passengers were troupers! We made it out to the 4 mile mark and again got to see 2 humpback whales and many dolphin. A coastal tour near the calm waters of the beach was a nice end to the day, too!