Sunday May 22 2016

9:00am- A beautiful start to the day with some light winds. We headed straight out to around the 4 mile mark- hundreds upon hundreds of common dolphin. We then spotted a Minke whale – the first we had seen in a while, and got some really close looks at it! A few times it popped up a few feet behind the boat, and then swam right along side of us. One of our passengers got some cool underwater footage with his GoPro. We then played with more dolphin for the rest of the trip, including the extra aerobatic short-beaked common dolphin, which we haven’t seen too many of recently.


11:30am- We got a hot tip from Captain Larry of multiple humpback whales, far out to sea. Thankfully it remained calm weather, so we charged it out towards Catalina Island. Finally, at the 9 mile mark Capt Ryan saw some spouts. This was the best whale watching of the day- 3 seperate humpback whales all feeding with 1,000 dolphin. One swam right next to our boat, it was amazing! We also saw a minke whale in the mix, too.


3:00pm-The wind started blowing strong, so we first headed down the coast for a shot at gray whales in the calmer water. We made it to mid-Laguna Beach when Capt Ryan began looking offshore for a shot at humpbacks or dolphins. After a bit of looking we finally found a great pod of common dolphin, at least 100 with quite a few babies mixed in. They weren’t feeding, so were very eager to play with the boat. Our passengers had a blast despite not finding a whale.