Sunday, May 8 2016

Today was Mother’s Day- and how appropriate that we saw mom and baby whales all day long! Our 9am trip started off with two seperate pairs, which we again found at Crystal Cove, less than a mile from Newport Beach Harbor. The second pair was amazing- the calf spyhopped multiple times 40 feet from the boat, and then the mom and calf together swam within 10 feet from us! Hundreds of common dolphin were found about two miles off Laguna Beach. 11:30am trip was more of the same: another cow/calf pair and then hundreds more dolphin! Wrapping things up at 3:00pm we found the most whales of the day: FOUR cow/calf pairs for a total of 14 whales today! The dolphin continued their trend of abundance with at least 500 seen! Nice weather all day long.