Sunday September 11 2016

9:00am- 1 humpback whale, 300 common dolphin


11:30am- 1 humpback whale, 600 short beaked common dolphin, 300 long-beaked common dolphin


3:00pm- Again the wind picked up this afternoon. Captain Taylor found a small pod of 25 long beaked common dolphin right off the bat, but they weren’t showing that well and we wanted to get our passengers on some of the more impressive pods seen earlier in the day. Captain Ryan kept heading towards Catalina, and in the binoculars spotted a dolphin jumping two miles away. We eventually caught up to a massive pod of at least 500 short beaked common dolphin. It was amazing! They were packed together super tight and jumping all over. One of the best dolphin pods this month. Captain Ryan took this picture of a mom and its baby: common-dolphin-newport-beach


But that wasn’t all! After we left the dolphin pod Capt. Ryan located a large humpback whale. It was swimming very slowly but on occasion would throw its tail up in the air very suddenly. An exciting sighting! Here’s another picture Ryan took: