Things to Know

Things to Know

What To Wear

Because our boats travel at 20 plus miles per hour, there is a wind factor that can bring a chill. Layering with a jacket is your best option, with jeans or pants also being a wise choice. Our boat is a very dry ride in the majority of conditions, but its possible to catch a few drops of spray on a windy day.

Best Time of Day

There is no consistent best time of day for Whale Watching. Since the animals need to come up to breathe every few minutes, the viewing opportunities are available as long as there is light to see. However, it is easier for the captain to spot the whales and dolphin when the weather is calmest, and that typically occurs in the morning hours.

Before You Arrive

Please visit the restroom before you get onto the boat. There are no bathrooms onboard and the excursion lasts 2 hours. Also, allow for time to find parking, as Balboa Island has residential street parking. Another option is to park on the Balboa Peninsula and take the Balboa Island Ferry over as a pedestrian.

What if I get sea sick or don’t know if I get sea sick?

If you have experienced sea sickness before, it was most likely on a large boat slowly pitching and rolling on the waves, confined in a stale interior space. Newport Coastal Adventure is just the opposite…. We move fast and in the open air. Most likely you’ll be having too much fun to even think about it. But if you experience chronic motion or sea sickness, this may not be the trip for you.

Who Should Not Go

Our boat is equipped with soft cushion seats with backrests but even so, if you are pregnant, have a weak back or neck, or if you do not like going fast over the water, you should not go. Children must be 5 or older to ride. If you do not meet the criteria for our trip, or are concerned about going fast in a small boat, consider booking with our partner Newport Landing at this link: Newport Landing Whale Watching Ships