Thursday July 14 2016

9:00am- Beautiful conditions this morning. Before we left the harbor Capt. Ryan heard of a humpback whale report off Dana Point. We headed that way! Unfortunately when we arrived the whale had moved on (we later learned it was below Dana Point Harbor, too far for us since we had already traveled 11 miles). In the distance some birds, shearwaters and terns were circling, we went to investigate. A great pod of common dolphin numbering around 100 was feeding and gave us a great show. We also saw a minke whale surface once in the pod, but not again.

11:30am- Again, Capt. Ryan pointed us towards Dana Point as we had some fresher and encouraging intel about blue whales in the area. Finally, we got to see a blue whale, our first since Sunday! It was a very good and predictable animal to watch. We also had at least 300 dolphin sighted on our way to Dana Point. On our way back to Newport Beach Capt Mike on the Western Pride called us in on TWO feeding humpback whales off North Laguna Beach! This was one of our best whale watches in a week and it points to a productive next couple of days.