Tuesday July 25 2017

9:00am- 1 Sei Whale, 500 Common Dolphin, 10 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin (R, RC, A)

11:30am- 500 Short Beaked Common Dolphin, 300 Long Beaked Common Dolphin (R, RC, A)

3:00pm- 1 Sei Whale, 1000 Short Beaked Common Dolphin (RC, A)

5:30pm- 1 Sei Whale, 500 Common Dolphin (R)

Featured photo today is of a Sei Whale photographed by Capt. Ryan on our 5:30pm trip! This is a very rare sighting off of Newport Beach, and it’s the same animal that visited us on July 11th: cool!

We also had a lot of fun with the dolphin again today, here’s a picture of that, too!