Wednesday July 11th 2018

10:30am- 3 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whale, 20 Risso’s Dolphin, 20 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin, 200 Common Dolphin (T, R, A)

12:30pm- 2 Blue Whales (RC)

1pm- 4 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale (T, A)

3:30pm- 4 Blue Whales, 100 Long Beaked Common Dolphin, 1,000 Short Beaked Common Dolphin (RC, R, T, A)

5:45pm- 6 Blue Whales, 200 Common Dolphin (RC, T, A)

Featured photo captured by Capt. Ryan today aboard the Shearwater of a close encounter with an ENORMOUS BLUE WHALE!