Wednesday July 13 2016

9:00am- Beautiful seas this morning. We got things started off right with a great pod of 100 common dolphin. Very tight and playful pod off Laguna Beach. We covered a lot of ground on this trip- from nearly to Dana Point all the way back to above Newport Harbor. A few more dolphins here and there but no whales seen!

11:30am- Our next passengers were really adamant about seeing a whale, so Capt. Ryan headed in the opposite direction from our first trip! We went up towards the oil rigs. 7 miles on our way there we had some good encounters with a minke whale: success! We also found pods of common dolphin totaling over 100 animals. On the way home we spotted a humpback whale that was trying to catch up to the dolphin pod. And we finished off our trip with a close encounter with a Ocean Sunfish.