Whale Watching in Dana Point

While great whale watching opportunities abound along the southern California coast, Dana Point has been singled out by many as the west’s whale-watching capital.

As whales migrate along the coast, several species use the Dana Point headlands as a navigational landmark on their journey. As a result, Blue whales, Gray whales, even Orca whales can be spotted within just 1-2 miles of the shore.

From Dana Point Harbor, it’s also possible to see Southern California resident Common Dolphins, as well as Bottlenose Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins, and California Sea Lions.

More Dana Point Fun

If your kids want to learn more about whales before or after your whale watching excursion, visit Dana Point’s Ocean Institute and check out some of the educational programs and exhibits.

Dana Point Harbor offers an abundance of shopping, fishing, sporting and dining options. The nearby Monarch Beach Golf Links has been ranked among the top 100 golf resorts in the world.

For a taste of luxury, head over to the Ritz and enjoy a round of golf, spa treatments and gourmet dining.

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